Miyoko Hikiji

Twitter: @MHikiji
Age: 36 
Email: m_hikiji@yahoo.com
I’m all American, but my heritage is Japanese and Czech, which explains the origin of my name and my natural ability to squeeze out a polka on the accordion—the best showstopper ever outside a pickle juice drinking challenge and tying a cherry stem into a knot inside your mouth, all of which I dominate.   
I live the life of a famous best-selling author, minus the money and fame, working from my home office that is inhabited by two toddlers that only need something when the phone rings.  But I need them as much as they need me; my girls are the loves of my life.  Together we discover the treasures of the world and learn to navigate it peacefully, honestly and transparently.  My memoir All I Could Be: My Story as a Woman Warrior in Iraq and blog www.allicouldbe.com have left me naked in front of my audience, but my M16 rifle provides just enough cover.