Mel Burgos

Mel Burgos is the founder of Rock Yo Mel has been featured on numerous natural hair blogs and websites such as,, and most recently recognized on She contributed to the documentary "PLAY WITH IT” about shedding light on the natural hair movement and why certain women either embrace or reject the notion of natural hair. Prior to founding Rock Yo Rizos, she served 10 years active duty in the U.S. Navy. While serving our country, she dedicated her spare time to train for the 2008 Pacific Muscle Classic Bodybuilding Competition in Okinawa, Japan. Her hard work and determination resulted in winning first place in the weight class and overall figure divisions. She was later featured in Oxygen Women's Fitness Magazine article "New Place, New Body" in July 2009. Mel introduced her Rock Yo Rizos Instagram profile in January 2013 as a public acknowledgement due to all the positive attention from her hair. The simplicity of a social media outlet created an opportunity to visually share her interest for hair care, health and fitness, fashion, and a passion of living life to the fullest. In the fall, she launched her blog for Rock Yo Rizos creating a community to encourage her fellow Latinos and people all over the world to embrace their natural hair.
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