girl scouts
Basically, unlike the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, the YMCA Indian Guides thought that boys and girls should play together -- and that if there were gender-specific themes in their crafts and games, that it would be up to the child to decide if he or she wanted to conform to it or not.
For five long embarrassing years, I had been told that the reason my scalp shed gross white flakes all over everything was because I was a dirty little girl. Now, I discovered it was an undiagnosed genetically transmitted skin disease.

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family drama
How my mom and I fell into the type of mother-daughter relationship where we can jokingly chat about siblings having anal with each other on a Sunday night.
You can't win a fight against your own body, friends.
I got to serve jury duty, and all I got was this lingering sense of doubt that sometimes keeps me up at night.