After nearly seven years of living strictly within this budget, the Sappers have accumulated $50,000 in emergency savings, maxed out their IRAs each year, paid off their house and hit other key financial milestones.
Call it accidental networking: the auspicious run-ins, surprise connections and unlikely relationships that lead to big payoffs in a career.

Oct 7, 2013 at 2:30pm | 19 comments

It’s important to acknowledge that the idea of “need” is relative: In homes built in the 1950s, bedroom closets were much smaller than they are today. There weren’t emails delivered weekly to your inbox touting sales at your favorite stores.
Plenty of Americans take on an extra paid gig here and there to accumulate a little fun money. But unlike regular, occasional-overtime workers, overearners are often motivated by a compulsive need to earn more.