Marisa Ebers

I’ve been stringing words together for as long as I can remember; from silly stories when I was a kid; through awful, tortured teenage poetry; on to a now-mostly-defunct blog called nerd knits; and with two wild romps through novelling that are patiently awaiting revision.  I live in Colorado with one husband, two cats, and a truly staggering number of books.

Age: 32

Twitter: @nerdknits

What I Do, Job-wise: I produce, manage and sort untold reams of paperwork.  More specifically, I work at a non-profit that manages services for individuals with developmental disabilities, assisting clients with section 8 vouchers that help them afford decent, safe and sanitary housing.

What I Do, Fun-wise: I engage in a wide variety of geeky pursuits such as video games, roleplaying games, board games, knitting (See the sweater I’m wearing in that picture?  I knit that.), spinning (as in, spinning yarn on a spinning wheel), reading, and watching documentaries.

My Motto: You don’t have to be the person you’ve become.

My Anti-Motto: I don’t care what you think.

The First Movie Star I Ever Had A Crush On: Christian Slater as Will Scarlett in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  Don’t judge me.

My “celebs to make out with” list: Alan Rickman (have you seen this video?), Alex Kingston (spoilers!), David Tennant (the best hair ever), Morena Baccarin (I’ll be in my bunk), John Darnielle (“we were the one thing in the galaxy God didn’t have his eyes on”)

The Most Played Song On My iTunes: “Oceanographer’s Choice”, by The Mountain Goats

Last Book I Read Without Skimming Any Parts: Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon.  I kind of want to smack the main character.

My Most Worn Item of Clothing: Black bike shorts that I bought from Target years ago – they simultaneously prevent chub rub and keep me from flashing strangers when I wear skirts, since I am not always as cognizant of where all my limbs are as I should be. 

Beauty Products That I Hoard: M.A.C eyeshadow

I Smell Like: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Dana O’Shee, which they say smells like milk, honey and sweet grains, and which my husband says smells like illegal Mexican vanilla.

I Have Faked An Orgasm (Yes/No): Yes, but I was young, and it was in self-defense. 

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