Madison Miller

Madison Miller is a graduate student of Creative Non-Fiction at Florida Atlantic University, where she also teaches.  Even though she swore all through her undergraduate degree at the University of Utah, that she would not use her English degree to become a teacher - that is exactly what she did.  She loves teaching about privilege and being a little too down-to-earth with her students, who seem to like her.  She is obsessed with her hometown, Salt Lake City, Utah where she has been known to go wandering in the mountains and downtown antique stores.  With her dad, she listens incessantly to David Sedaris audio books and on her own, reads Calvin and Hobbes, Scott Carrier, and Ann Patchett.  She currently lives in Boca Raton with her wonderful boyfriend who encourages her writing but also wishes that she would do the dishes more often.  She kissed a frog twice because, “If you’re gonna do it once, you might as well double-check.”