Lyz Lenz

 I was the second oldest of eight children: My mom sewed our holiday dresses. Back-to-school shopping often consisted of sifting through black trash bags of hand-me-downs. When I made my own money, I gorged on clothes shopping. What was supposed to be a $50/month clothing budget grew to what I joked was a spending hole bigger than the national debt (a joke with some truth). But with a child and another one being a twinkle in our eyes, this year, I decided to give up clothes shopping for six months in order to focus on paying down my school debt. Thus, No Pants 2012 was born. I am four months into the effort and I've decided to expand it for the rest of the year. LearnVest ran a piece on my efforts, which was syndicated on the Huffington Post and I've heard from several women who are joining me in the challenge (links below).