Laurie Erdman

Laurie Erdman, JD, MS, CHHC is a Get More Energy and Overcoming Burnout Expert, coach, speaker and writer who inspires, trains and mentors companies and individuals to extinguish burnout and unleash their energized potential. Creator of the Burnt Out To Balanced SystemTM, Laurie’s mission is helping professionals, executives and aspiring executives recover from or avoid burnout so they can advance their careers and ignite their lives. Laurie brings her experience in the legal, business, coaching and health fields, as well as her personal experience with overcoming burn out and multiple sclerosis, to help people bring their best self to life and companies to create sustainable growth through engaged employees. Visit to receive your free report: Burnout. Identify It. Extinguish It. Ignite Your Life. Start a fire in your life today.