The South African athlete's current murder trial is both captivating and horrifying. Ever been fixated on any trials or criminal cases?
Not that anyone is particularly good at it. But still, I think I'm worse than most.
Sadly, all my loud, rah-rah feminist beliefs about how we have every right to feel awesome about ourselves sort of ... mainly applies to other women.
I tend to take it hard when my favorite characters get killed off, especially when it happens in a sudden or crazy fashion.
You know, like to see if they're into you enough to get jealous, or something petty like that? I do -- or I have -- but I'm reading a book that's making me feel way less bad about it.
Apparently, women take six days to break up with someone, while men drag things out for a month before cutting their lover-person loose.
It's winter on the East Coast, and I'm kind-of lazy because it's cold outside, and she's bored and staring at me constantly with a desperate pleading look. Help?

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joyce maynard
On Saturday, author Joyce Maynard slammed a male film critic for inferring that her teenage relationship with then-53-year-old JD Salinger had anything to do with the new film adaptation of her book "Labor Day."
Being back on the East Coast, I'm physically closer to most of the people I feel comfiest around -- but they're still not as close as I'd like, dammit.