Exactly 24 days ago, I embarked upon the most restrictive diet I've ever miserably bumbled my way into: an anti-Candida plan.

Sep 11, 2014 at 4:09pm | 177 comments

Today, more people are living (and, hence, eating) alone than at any other time in history.
rescue dogs
Sometimes my dog just … annoys me.
Am I playing games or just trying to protect myself? Probably a little of both.
dumb stuff
I turn to sugar when I’m sad, I turn to sugar when I’m psyched, I turn to sugar when I’m bored. I know using sweets to comfort myself might not be healthy -- I just don't really see a cause for alarm.
hair color
I felt like my hair color was tied not just to who I wanted to be, but to who I already was. The hidden parts of me just needed some encouragement, some poking and prodding, to come out.
A moody introverted sort, I feel wiped out by the end of most workdays, so talking on the phone can feel more like a stressy chore than mellow reconnecting.
Why doesn't anyone ever mention the good stuff that goes along with aging?
Summer can be a tricky time for decent television. Thankfully, things are starting to look up...