soap opera
Soap Opera Digest won’t interview me about my four lines on GH, so I must interview myself.
I have more than an impromptu James Franco appearance to worry about. Every time I sit down to write my wisdom for the Class of 2014, I’m crippled with cynicism.
After the tragic events in Isla Vista, I have to wonder if my hypothetical child will be safe when I send them to school, or worse, that they might become a mass murderer.

May 28, 2014 at 3:00pm | 119 comments

mental health
I was a funny person. I laughed a lot. I was just unhappy a lot of the time.
White people, could you please stop flipping out when the topic of white privilege comes up?
responses to comments
Racial dating preferences are not necessarily EVIL. What I am asking of these white guys is -- why not honestly explore where your racial dating preferences come from?
asian women
When I ask, "What’s up with your long history of dating so many Asian women?" these are the nine stupid answers I get.
Now that my experiment in going alcohol-free for a year is up, I’m not sure if I should go back to drinking.

I can't say I know what it is like to sell my body for money, but running a Kickstarter campaign is probably pretty damn close.