Have you ever taken a trip that stayed with you long after you got back "home"?

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Lately, all my conversations have been centered on the stern warnings received from our middle-aged coochie quacks but I don't think they're asking the right questions.

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violence against women act
I've always had a hard time understanding why a group of middle-aged white men are able to dictate many of our country’s civil liberties. But now, it’s going too far.
chris brown
Years ago, my mentee at the time was in love with Chris Brown, in that innocent, poster in your locker type of way.
american history
As a black woman who's attended predominately white schools my entire life, when it comes to "racist-ish" comments, I’ve heard and seen it all -- especially during black history month.
I’ve been trying to figure out why I love this store so much, and came up with six reasons that help me legitimize my love affair with a grocery store.
One of the things that I think sucks most about adults is that we don’t play make believe enough.

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Hello my name is Kristin, and food turns me on. Which is why movies that celebrate the joy of eating are my erotica.

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