Kristin Rawls

Kristin Rawls is a freelance writer and media critic based near Raleigh, North Carolina. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, AlterNet, The Christian Science Monitor, GOOD Magazine,, Truthout, Bitch Magazine, Global Comment and many others. She rails against corporate education reform on a pretty regular basis for AlterNet. Other interests include politics, international affairs, fundamentalist religion, student debt, pop culture and transnational feminisms. She's especially partial to narrative journalism, at least in part because her 2011 GOOD article, "New Dominionists: Meet the Christian Couple Between the Right's Most Viral Videos" was really fun to write, even in spite of its troubling content. At one point, she'd planned on going into academia, so she has a couple of useless master's degrees collecting dust in storage -- and a lot of student debt.