Kristen Dunleavy

Kristen was born and raised in New Jersey but begrudgingly began pumping her own gas when she moved to the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania in 2009. (Shoo-fly pie and other weird PA Dutch delicacies have since made up for it, though.) She has a local blog called Lehigh Libations. Kristen majored in Journalism at Rutgers University and minored in drinking other people's abandoned solo cups of jungle juice. She's interviewed folks like Andrew W.K., Ice Cube and Margaret Cho. One time, she ate a dozen beef tacos in an hour. Kristen excels in beer pong, reciting lyrics to early nineties R&B songs and making delicious sandwiches. She'd like to own a mini-pony farm and have a minor role in a Troma movie one day. Follow her on Twitter for assorted Danny Tanner quotes and Lifetime movie ideas: @krisasaurus.