I fully support men being actively engaged in their children’s lives and education. However, after working with families in poverty for years, I know that making broad assumptions that “one size fits all” is just not realistic.
In an effort to help my fellow single mothers out, I decided to come up with a list of all the wonderful things that would make everyday life a thousand times easier. Here are they are, in no particular order.
single motherhood
I was in my third decade of life and had not ever been out on a formal date where the guy calls you, invites you to a restaurant, and then DRIVES you there.
With four cats, I had to give up the prospect of adopting any more. It seemed that our three-story house was filled to capacity with feline friends. And yet… I couldn’t stop stalking shelter web sites.
lean in
Someone working at Taco Bell or Burger King is not going to be able to have the same work-life balance discussion that someone who works for Facebook or The New York Times. Sheryl

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