Kate Richlin-Zack

Former DNA sequencer and moonlight tap dancer, I'm now sharing my opinions and doling out unsolicited advice on everything from love and relationships to health and fitness for www.Kate-Book.com.

My column "Kate's Dates" is based on my disastrous premarital dating experience and runs every other Wednesday at noon. Basically I like to share all the stupid things I did when I was single and tell people what I should've done to not screw up my relationships. My other column "The Lazy Girl's Guide To Health And Fitnessis inspired by my own 50 pound weight loss journey. I love food and view exercise as a necessary evil in my quest for looking good and feeling confident in hot pants.


I suck at basic math, despite having majored in mathematics and chemical engineering in college, probably because I only did it to meet guys. I live in NJ, but will always consider New York City “home,” and I'm currently looking for any excuse to move there. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter@k8rz where I often post my random thoughts on life, love, and the kitchen sink.