Kasey Woods

Kasey Woods is an avid writer, entrepreneur and mental health advocate with a PHD in being awesome. She has created the literary project, The I That Is Me Is She: A Collection of Poems, Essays and Musings of a Perfectly Imperfect Manic Depressive that is slated for release in 2015. Though her passions are many, it is the joys of being a mother that trump them all. With three children that range in ages from two to eleven, it was the love of motherhood and advocacy that prompted the creation of MOMI (Mothers Overcoming Mental Illness) in response to her own mental health diagnosis and the need for support and empathy for women who are parents and have struggled with mental illness. 

Kasey is currently the President of the innovative and creative brand management agency, Impulse Brand Management Group and is a product of the Howard University School of Communications. A fact she obnoxiously mentions at least twice a day.