Jodi Sh. Doff

Jodi Sh. Doff is a New York based writer. Her work has appeared in Bust, Penthouse, and Cosmopolitan, among others, and anthologies including The Bust DIY Guide to Life; Bearing Life– Women’s Writings On Childlessness; Best American Erotica; The Bust Guide To A New Girl Order; and its sequel due this summer, Tricks, Johns, Marks, & Chickenhawks.


Twitter: @jshdoff


What I do, job-wise: Keep things running

What I do, fun-wise: Photograph the invisible things in the city

My motto: Truth and Fact are not necessarily the same thing

My Anti-Motto: People who need people are... (I can’t even finish this sentence without lapsing into a diabetic coma)  

The first movie star I ever had a crush on: Mighty Mouse, followed closely by Speed Racer

My "celebs to make out with" list: The guys of Rescue Ink. Yes, every one of them.

Last book I read without skimming any parts: If it’s only skim-worthy, it’s not worth my time.

My most worn item of clothing: That would be pajamas indoors, cowboy boots outdoors

Beauty products that I hoard: All things DevaCurl 

I smell like: Moonbeams, with a hint of cat food

I have faked an orgasm: because sometimes you just really need to move things along...