When you send the energy of your intentions into the universe, this manifests those intentions into reality, or the universe manifests your desires into part of its grand plan. The specifics are kind of sketchy.
I'm jumpy around passing cars and men on the street. I fall asleep with a low voice telling me not to scream ringing in my ears.
sex work
It didn't hit home until a sex worker I know was assaulted by a client. And she needed help.

Feb 22, 2013 at 11:30am | 33 comments

If something exists digitally, I have probably at least tried to obtain it illegally.
Getting a matching tattoo with Sydney felt like a completely reasonable commitment.
Some people pay for erotic services. Some people with disabilities pay for erotic services.
work clothes
Standard office clothing, especially for women, is f#$*ing expensive. And putting it together is time consuming.
romance novels
According to Wikipedia, the books I like are specifically "Regency Historical Romances," which prioritize explicit sex scenes over historical accuracy. Hell, yeah.
If only they made more of an effort to communicate with each other and listen to each others' perspectives they would then realize that they were meant to be best buddies and play ersatz musical instruments together all the time!
It's tiresome hearing the "Whole Paycheck" joke all day, but atrocious hearing it from someone currently spending the equivalent of your actual paycheck.