Jessica P.

Jessica Pilot is a freelance writer based in NYC. Her work has been featured in Vanity Fair, Glamour, Ms. Magazine, Penthouse, and she is a contributing writer for BlackBook Magazine. (

Age: 26

Twitter: @JessicaPilot212

What I Do, Job-wise: Write

What I Do, Fun-wise: Talk smack, write bad comedy sketches for myself  in my bedroom)

My Motto: Be Yourself.

My Anti-Motto: Be Yourself.

The First Movie Star I Ever Had A Crush On: Jaws

My “celebs to make out with” list: Making out is unsanitary.

The Most Played Song On My iTunes: “Still Crazy After All These Years” (played 150 times since January)

Movie That I Watch When I Have My Period: True Romance

Last Book I Read Without Skimming Any Parts:  "Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica"

My Most Worn Item of Clothing: My J Brand “painted on” skinny jeans  (as my mother describes them) 

Beauty Products That I Hoard: MAC’s partyline lipstick--I like to leave my mark.

I smell like: Grey Gardens, right now.

I Have Faked An Orgasm (Yes/No): Sure, at "Rocky Horror Picture Show"