Jessica Joy

When Jessica was 5, her mother painted the bathroom like a vineyard. This kick-started a lifelong love affair (with bathrooms mostly, but also vineyards) and she found ways to spend as much time in them as possible. Beginning with long baths and lining the tub with pillows for (uncomfortable) clawfoot sleepovers, she eventually discovered makeup & beauty rituals. She’s been there since. 
Twitter: @song_hat 
What I do, job-wise: I study psychology and Buddhism while researching topics like homelessness, identity and lipstick. 
What I do fun-wise: I like to doodle, sew ramshackle clothes together, laugh with my friends, briefly decide to adopt a cat once or twice a month and then recoil in fear of commitment and instead beginning planning wild trips. 
My motto: Be honest. Also, I reserve the right to change my mind. 
My anti-motto: Everything happens for a reason.
The first movie star I ever had a crush on: Benicio del Toro in Excess Baggage.
My “celebs to make out with list”: None! Thanks. In lieu, how about- what did you want to be when you grew up: Spy. 
The most played song on my iTunes: Yankin, Lady & Pencil Full of Lead, Paolo Nutini.
Last book I read without skimming any parts: The Rum Diary.
My most worn item of clothing: Underwear. I always wear it.
Beauty products that I hoard: Black eyeliner I guess, but I prefer not to hoard. 
I smell like: Love, Chloé or Replica’s Flower Market. Well, that’s what I hope I smell like. Probably just dry shampoo though.  
I have faked an orgasm (Yes/No): Yah, before my current partner that was pretty commonplace. However, I think it’s fine. Nice even. If it’s not gonna happen what’s wrong with helping your partner along? That said, find someone that makes you orgasm.