bath products
I have a mild case of the New Year Blues, which I've been fighting off with wonderfully scented new bath products. You're welcome to join me (but please use your own tub, dude).
cute nails
I don't believe in resolutions...but I DO plan to spend 2012 trying out as many crazy new DIY manicures as I possibly can. Join me?

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I like to spend my nights licking and sticking...little paper game pieces to a game board, hoping to win a dream vacation or a new car. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!
cool crap
Are you a homebody, a wacky-haired punk, a frilly lady-type or a sarcastic sailor-mouth? Doesn't matter -- this gift guide's got you covered.
anger management
Nothing on YouTube can bring me the happy quite like the amazing Timmy, performing in a pair of too-small Mickey Mouse pajamas and singing into a blackened banana.
Mainly because I've been there and done that -- and it didn't end well.
Paper snowflakes and construction paper chains are indisputable holiday decorating classics, but these ornaments will kick your holiday décor up a great big holly, jolly notch.

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depilatory creams
In which I reveal the MIRACLE PRODUCT™ that helped my upper lip go from ZZ Top to Lex Luthor with ZERO irritation.
She's played a pottymouth and a pregnancy-faker, but actress Jessalyn Gilsig is also a producer and a painter.
budget shopping
Join me as we enter a world of off-brand hilarity (and actual bargains!) at my local 99¢ Only store.