Jena Kingsley

I was born and raised in New York City where I still reside with my son. I play guitar like a rockstar and I am a die hard Knicks fan. My socks don’t often match. I go to concerts compulsively. It's almost a disorder. I hate drains or having to touch them for any reason. I graduated with a BA in Journalism from NYU. In sixth grade I won an award for writing excellence, which of course means nothing now. I learned everything I know about comedy from training at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and being raised by an incredibly loving yet dysfunctional family. I am the writer and creator of Darcy Dates, a Blogger for The Huffington Post, and I write a beauty column for, titled "The Lady Project". I am a contributing writer for, and the New York Observer's parenting Magazine, Scooter. You can stalk me Twitter @jenakingsley or email me at I'm pretty nice. I will definitely answer. Oh, you can also check out