Jeanne Goshe and Jessica Wernz

Jeanne lives in Portland, Oregon.  She is an avid eater of toast, drinker of tea and watcher of crows.  She used to write for tv but now she writes for the internet.

Jessica lives in Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from law school, but she still isn’t sure what habeas corpus means. She spends her time buying lottery tickets and praying that she will win the lottery.

Jeanne and Jessica met in college in a class for people who can’t do math called “Philosophy of Logic.” They had a lot in common, like an inability to do math.  They also had common interests, like complaining about their boyfriends.  They’ve had a lot of fun over the years, complaining about their boyfriends, complaining about their fiances, and complaining about their husbands. As luck would have it, they’re both divorced now.  It’s lucky, because they collaborate on a divorce humor blog, and it lends them some credibility.


Twitter: @verysageadvice