Hannah Armstrong

Hannah Colleen Armstrong is a part time EMT/Paramedic Intern and part time bass-guitar-slinging-rock-n-roll-badass. She resides in Portland, OR with her boyfriend and many ridiculous cats. When she's not busy knocking back 18 cups of coffee per day at school (staying awake is tough when they make you where glorified pajamas (ie. scrubs) to class), she's enjoys playing bass guitar in her band, looking at pugs on petfinder.com, and hanging out with three ridiculously cool and funny chickens (yes, the birds. They hang out in the yard and lay eggs). Her long-term interests in the medical community include becoming the patient-advocating super hero that she was born to be. She's not 100% sure where that path will take her, but she is super interested in issues relating to women's health and wellness.