Age: 26

What I do job-wise: Software company employee/writer/dreamer

What I do fun-wise: Laugh for hours at animal (cat) YouTube videos

My motto: There is no such thing as too many cats.

My anti-motto: This is such a thing as too many children.

First movie star I ever had a crush on: Jonathon Taylor Thomas, yo.

My celebs to make out with list: Robert Downey Jr.

Last book a read without skimming any parts: “New York” by Edward
Rutherford. Or maybe “Goodnight Moon”?

My most worn item of clothing: Pajama pants

Beauty products I hoard: None…I’m lucky if I brush my hair in the morning
(hence the cats).

I smell like: Flintstone vitamins.

I have faked an orgasm (yes/no): Please. Of course.