getting married
I was assured that my feelings were just wedding jitters, stress about the planning, excitement for the big day, and after a while I started to believe it.
It turns out this man that I was now seriously dating was what is known as "sensitive," meaning he is sensitive to energies, a.k.a. ghosts.
While most other little girls dreamt about fairytale like wedding where they are a princess and whatever, I dreamt about throwing dishes at my lover’s head and threatening to leave him for my boss
I've started, for the sake of my sanity, simply interpreting "I’m so bad at getting back to people" as "I’m so bad at being a friend right now" ... and letting it go.
if you see something say something
I’ve taken the New York transit safety motto "If you see something, say something" very seriously -- maybe somewhat stupidly.

As a comic, apparently I’m supposed to be able to take a joke, ANY joke, no matter how bad, dumb or insulting it is.
Like a lot of bulimics in recovery, I believed I didn't deserve treatment. For me, bulimia was a hobby, and these women were pros.
Knowing that I could potentially screw up another human is part of why I’ve long had a fear of having kids.
say something nice on the internet day
bret michaels
Then an angel, a fallen angel, spoke: “I can get you backstage to meet Poison.”