Flavia Dzodan is a writer, ideas instigator, content creator and media facilitator living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

 As a Hispanic South American who usually explores issues of identity and ethnic relations in Europe, her writing focuses mostly on matters of social justice, immigration, racism, gender, cultural analysis and media. Occasionally, she also rants and raves about pop culture and she has a penchant for angry feminist tirades. Her dog and three cats (!!) sometimes guest star as minor characters in said angry feminist tirades, usually as unwilling interlocutors. Her fascination with the politics of anger is such that she is currently working on a book about the subject. 

 Flavia blogs at Tiger Beatdown and her work has also appeared at The Guardian, Racialicious, Gender Across Borders and Global Comment among other media outlets.

 She can also be found on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.