Eva Des Lauriers

Eva is a wine-loving introvert who was born a feminist, frequents the internet, laughs and cries openly, binges on Netflix and reads with an insatiable appetite. She is a therapist by trade, earning her Master's degree in Social Work in 2011. While she so desires to make the world a better, more beautiful place to be, she recently made a career change since social work was burning and bumming her out. Presently, she is turning that passion for change into her writing.

She is also a freelance writer for BuddyTV, where she is able to prattle on about all the television shows and fictional characters that keep her up at night. She is a lover of all things silly, fun, and weird, and fiercely believes in living life so hard it bursts at the seams. She is a Southern California native, but currently lives with her dashing husband and their obnoxious precious cats in Washington, D.C. Find her on Tumblr: http://writingwitheva.tumblr.com and Twitter: @evadeslauriers