Emily May and Debjani Roy

Emily May is the executive director and co-founder of Hollaback!, and Debjani Roy is the deputy director.

Emily May bio:


When feminist icon Gloria Steinem was asked “What women today inspire you and make you feel that the movement continues?” Herresponse was, “Emily May of Hollaback! who has empowered women in the street, literally.” Emily is an international leader in the anti-harassment movement. In 2005, at the age of 24, she co-founded Hollaback! (iHollaback.org) in New York City, and in 2010 she became the first full-time executive director. Hollaback!’s mission is to give women and LGBTQ folks an empowered response to harassment in public space, and ultimately, to end it.  Emily has a Master’s Degree in Social Policy from the London School of Economics, and is an Ashoka Fellow and Prime Movers Fellow.

Debjani Roy bio:


Debjani Roy is the Deputy Director of Hollaback! andhas been an advocate for women’s rights in the US and UK for over a decade. She is an expert on issues including domestic violence, sexual assault, forced marriage, 'honor' based violence, sexual trafficking/forced prostitution, widows’ rights and immigrant rights. Debjani is a graduate of the Stern School of Business at NYU and has a Masters in Cultural Studies and Feminist Theory from the University of London, Goldsmiths.