Emerald Pellot

Age: 23 years ratchet.
Twitter: @EmeraldGritty
What I Do, Job-Wise: I am Senior Editor at CollegeCandy.com. I consider throwing shade a full-time job as well.
What I Do, Fun-wise: Netflix, coffee, cheese. Sometimes all at once. 
My Motto: No, I don't want my consciousness transferred into a computer so I can live forever, thank you very much.
My Anti-Motto: Yes, I am curious about the future. 
The First Movie Star I Ever Had A Crush On: Ugh, I hope it wasn't Tommy from Power Rangers.
My "celebs to make out with" list: Jimmy Fallon because I strongly dislike him and I think talking to girls still makes him cry. 
The Most Played Song On My iTunes: 'Dancing Queen' by Abba because I left it on repeat by accident and then went to do something.
Last Book I Read Without Skimming Any Parts: Gone Girl
My Most Worn Item of Clothing: My velvet leggings. Touch me, I'm soft.
Beauty Products That I Hoard: The Clinique Acne Solutions line, Milani Extreme Tech Eyeliner, Stila eye shadows, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, Rosehip Seed Oil, Aragan Oil 
I Smell Like: Twitter and fleeting youth.
I Have Faked An Orgasm (Yes/No): Men are coddled enough. Folk that shift.