Eleanore Wells

Media personality and Singles Expert Eleanore Wells is the author of The Spinsterlicious Life: 20 Life Lessons For Living Happily Single & Childfree. She is the quintessential NYC woman who has written a part memoir/part self-help book that chronicles the life, adventures, joys, and realities of a happily single woman in a "married-is-normal" world. It's a funny, clever, and insightful laugh-out-loud handbook for anybody who finds themselves proscribed by society for not being coupled-off, either by choice or circumstance.
Her blog by the same name (The Spinsterlicious Life) is a popular, ongoing conversation with like-minded women who seek inspiration, validation, sisterhood, and lots of laughs. Eleanore is a New Yorker, a minor-league foodie, a world-traveler, occasional runner and a darn good friend.  When she’s not writing about the single life, she’s working full-time at TNS as a marketing research and branding expert.