Dillan DiGiovanni

I am just enough and just right. 
And so are you.
I grew up in a divorced family and ate a lot of processed food. There was also a lot of good, real food too. My mom tried hard with the best she had.
I spent years trying to fit in and adjust myself to make other people like me. I battled body image issues my whole life and often felt left out and rejected by people. The older I get, the more I realize how much of that was all happening in my mind more than it was happening in real life. I’ve also realized how many people feel the same way.
Despite my fears and doubts, I’ve always worked hard to make things happen for myself.
When I was 10, I signed myself up for classes for gifted kids at a nearby college.
When I was 13, I entered a spelling bee contest to be a state finalist because I got 100s on every spelling test I took without studying. I didn’t make the finals, but hey–I’m still a damn good speller.
When I was 18, I played the lead role of Winnifred in my high school production of Once Upon a Mattress.
When I was 21, I worked double shifts as a pub server all summer to earn $3500 to pay my own way to South Africa to be a student teacher.
When I was 25, I walked away from my teaching career because it was a homophobic environment and I didn’t feel safe or happy. I worked full-time in health food stores for 3 years, building a strong knowledge base around the natural food industry and healthier lifestyle habits.
When I was 28, I moved from New Jersey to Boston and left behind family, friends and everything that was familiar.
When I was 31, I decided that was a good time to start loving my life and doing work I loved–so I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a board-certified health and lifestyle coach. Within 6 months of graduating, I was fired without notice from the job I had so I decided to start my own business.
When I was 34, after supporting other people through tremendous life changes as a health coach and speaker for 3 years, I decided to walk my talk as much as possible and I stopped hiding from a big change I had been avoiding–I took on the hard work to come out as transgender.
Life is full of challenges but I’m a thriver, not a survivor. I’m a work-my-ass-off to make it happen-er. 
I love being a good listener for people and supporting them instead of telling them what to do. I had to learn how to do that. Most people don’t have a clue how to do it. I give the support people need to make hard choices and changes. I know hard choices. I know changes. It’s a real gift to be a part of someone’s personal transformation and evolution–just by being myself and sharing my life experience.
Life isn’t easy. Mine has been full of challenges, but that’s what it’s all about. It’s what we do with what we’re given that matters. We can despair about our situation or we can get busy living the life we want–we get to choose that, no matter who we are.
When I was younger, people often told me I was “too much”. The more I hang out with people who tell me I’m “just right” the better my life goes.
Eating real food and some basic, healthy habits changed my life, forever.
Helping other people create this same change in their lives was my calling. It’s my gift. 
I’ve made it my mission to help everyone realize they are “just right and just enough” the way they are. We are all so different and so gorgeous as a spectrum of difference and beauty. 
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