Salon assistants often make the same wage as fast food and retail workers. Their wages are supplemented by tips from clients and stylists -- but sometimes the tip never comes.

Sep 26, 2014 at 11:30am | 106 comments

ethical fashion
Recycling what drunk people leave behind is much more ethical than what a lot of clothing brands do today.
I am not anti-modern medicine by any grounds, but I like to explore what nature can provide for us in terms of preventative and acute health care.
Keeping my hands occupied improves my focus greatly; with a simple enough project, I can watch movies with my full attention, never looking down at the needles.

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sophia loren
Whenever I am feeling frustrated with my wardrobe or makeup, I turn to these timeless basics, from an Academy Award winning woman of style, grace, and substance.
When it comes to the holidays, my inner anti-consumerist really comes out.