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It’s not anything to be proud of to be a token. It’s just yet another reminder of how real the glass ceiling is for women and people of color.
All my closest friends (save one) are unemployed, some recently and others going on years without a job.
My name is Danielle Belton. I’m a black woman. And I cry. A lot.
In our world, the only right way for a woman to deal with uncomfortable, lewd behavior is to “shut up and ignore it.”
clutch magazine
I don’t think any man is born a rapist. Unless he’s a sociopath without conscious (and sociopaths know no particular gender), that’s not possible. Rapists are made.
His heart is politically correct, but his language is engendered, sexist, and sometimes rife with stereotypes.

Oct 26, 2012 at 1:30pm | 54 comments