Dana McMahan

Dana is a food writer and travel addict who also loves to pick (heavy) things up and put them down. She's not one for doing things half-assed – when she stopped being a vegetarian after nine years, she set out for a culinary writing residency in France where she learned how to butcher ducks and make foie gras. When she decided to start working out (to counteract her omnivorous food-writer's diet) she took up competitive powerlifting (and broke a national record before she was injured and had to quit). Now she's on a yearlong mission to find a new sport.

She lives in Louisville, Kentucky – where she writes a weekly restaurant news column for the Courier Journal – with her travel partner/husband and a big fluffy dog and little fluffy dog: Alba and Truffle (named for the prized underground mushroom, not the chocolate). She's obsessed with macarons, Paris and bacon.

Dana has written for a lineup including Fodors.com, Delta Sky magazine, HuffingtonPost.com, Jaunted.com, Blisstree.com and a slew of others. She's the food writer for Kentucky Monthly magazine, where she's currently at work on a four-year book project to feature a food from each of the state's 120 counties.

She does not plan to add anything to the map of the world tattooed on her back, thank you.
Like her at facebook.com/sheeats.shewrites, follow her at danamac and see what sport she's into today at Beyond heavy: life beyond the barbell.