Courtney Westcott

Courtney Westcott lives in New York, working for “the man,”(coughMTVcough) and has decided that before she turns Dirty 30, she’s going to accomplish what she’s always wanted. She’s sticking her high-heeled foot into the door of the writing world to make it fucking happen. Overconfident? Maybe. But she always gets what she wants and encourages others to have the same mindset. She has a “wish board” next to her bed, with old pics of her lovely Grandma who passed last November, and post-it notes listing what she wants to attract in her life, so she’s kind of into that whole new-Age shit. But it’s always worked. Lastly, she believes in raw, honest writing and saying what everyone else is thinking but is afraid to say.

She loves a nice cold one & great conversation, yet she asks an insane amount of questions – so prepared.

Her favorite motto is, “Make your own luck.”

Call her, Facebook her, e-mail her, stalk her. God knows she’s stalked most people here at XOJane.

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