makers kit
Like my mother before me, I have never been able to keep a plant happy or healthy.
If you want a warm nacho cheese snack done right, you've got to do a warm nacho cheese snack yourself.
My funeral song changes about once a year, but it's usually some sad bastard music with vague lyrics full of romantic imagery.
we were paid for this
Snickers thinks I need 25% more "me time" and they're absolutely right.
YUP. COFFEE WINE. IN A CAN. My gut reaction was a kind of upset gurgling sound, but my first verbal reaction was “WHY THOUGH.”
trendy food
I have determined, using no science whatsoever, that the key to a food becoming "trendy" is possessing at least three of the following traits.
3d printing
In terms of “Is it the future yet?” 3D printers are somewhere between a LaserJet and a Star Trek style replicator.

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Sometimes I want a cocktail that isn’t one of the standbys. Sometimes I want to break out of my rut.
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