UPDATED: I came to the office for a few hours and let Madeline take a photo of me by the janitor's closet. Those are her birthday flowers from her boyfriend which I selfishly dismembered. Happy birthday Mad!

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beauty products of all times
I’m going to publicly denounce another beauty product for the first time in my career, too! Sooo...yeah. Pulitzer time.
I OBVIOUSLY am not all, "Don't I look like Kate Moss?" I posed like this to get a good photo for this story for Jane goddamn Pratt who demands such annoying craziness, endlessly. Also, I took it on no sleep at 6:30 AM and that's not lipstick on my face again, it's acne, so fuck off.
How do I live on vampire time yet remain glowy and sunkissed year-round? Answers below. LIVE! In a MOVIE!
beauty awards
I'm naming my favorite one hundred beauty products of all time in no particular order -- let's start with this bad bitch and yes, another post featuring a kimono.
beauty icons
Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy was a party girl and I am a party girl and I know what beauty products she used and here is my dumb outfit and I think my brain is broken bllllarggggg
audrina patridge
You've seen her on TV hitting LA's hottest clubs with Hollywood hair and loads of makeup -- now, introducing the lovely Audrina as you've never seen her before! PHOTOGRAPHED BY ASHLEY BARRETT

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Here's my second-ever iChat conversation with an xoJane reader from the other night! Are YOU my next victim?

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