Military marriages go through deployments, incredibly long work days and even mental health problems like PTSD, yet they still manage to last just as often as civilian ones.
family drama
My bank account is a constant reminder that I only have one parent and that the other one is never coming back.
I understand that I made a big sacrifice when I married Ryan. He understands that, too.
With apps that help users track calories, so that you can literally record every single calorie by searching nutritional info for foods at supermarkets and restaurants, it's even easier for calorie counting to spiral out of control.

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The truth is that I get distracted on Skype, I rarely answer the phone, and I generally suck at keeping in touch with people who are far away, especially while trying to start a new life in a new city as a recent college graduate.

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ex boyfriends
Boys and girls, refusing to pick up items from your exes won’t bring them back.
how not to be a dick
While you’re surely going to smell like an ashtray and be in denial the next day that you spent $30 on two drinks, you still can avoid being a complete dick at the club. Here’s how.
As I’m getting older and attempting to better myself, I foresee the things I once found annoying yet tolerable (i.e., thinks weddings are bullshit, hates to read, refuses to have a dog) turning into total deal-breakers.
quitting smoking
It feels like I just broke up with an abusive boyfriend after a four-year relationship and now must move on, minus the awesome break-up sex.
in da club
Sure, part of being a go-go dancer is to get a crowd’s attention and be sexy and sensual, but being sexually harassed is not part of my job description.