Carolien van den Berg

Twitter: @Calexy1234
Age: 28
I'm Dutch and live, sometimes work, and write in London. I go to museums, brunches and make friends in Starbucks. I spend more time laughing at things on the Internet than I should. Lots of things make me angry and sometimes I write about them. I make people laugh, get free tequila from my take-out guy, and only own black socks. There is one pair of rogue dark blue ones but as long as they don't make any trouble for the rest of us, they're allowed to stay. 
I spent a lot of time studying conflict, international security and international development during grad school (twice) - now I spend a lot of time writing application letters to organizations who might find that as interesting and important as I do. I want to be Nelson Mandela when I grow up. Or Hilary Clinton. But I'll settle for Margaret Atwood, too.