The asshole jar is a reminder of what I’ve wrongly settled for in the past, and what I won’t stand for in the future.
I am taking a long, uncomfortable look at my financial relationship mistakes, so you know exactly what NOT to do.
In my experience, a lot of the crap I have collected during relationships, due to sappiness and my hoarder tendencies, must be thrown out when things end.
My wine knowledge was a hard-earned gift that came out of a not-so-good relationship.
I’ve compiled a list of things us boring adults can do to have fun, and remind ourselves of the simple, childish pleasures of life.
signs from the universe
I’ve always unwittingly depended on the kindness of strangers — actual strangers and strangers in a broader, more metaphysical sense.
kurt cobain
I didn’t know I was a feminist until I was 18 years old.

Feb 20, 2014 at 6:00pm | 231 comments

ellen page
As a fellow Canadian, I always felt like I was watching Ellen Page grow up before my eyes. Now, after her inspiring public coming-out speech on Friday, I admire her even more.
My friend Amy mentioned that I might try a method advocated by a flamboyant Russian hairdresser we both worked for over a decade ago: no sex before you’ve gone on 10 dates or he has spent $1,000 on you.
I now pray for everyone I don’t like, everyone I’m confused about, and everyone who seems to dislike me.