Caitlin Thornton

I’m a Los Angeles-based writer hailing from Chicago. My work has appeared in Foam magazine and ReadyMade magazine and on Thought Catalog,, and a few other websites where I wrote about sex and crafts (but not at the same time). Now I'm writing about beauty, health, and some other stuff for xoJane. 
What I Do, Job-Wise: I help brands develop their digital strategies, write many words, and swear compulsively at my laptop.
What I Do, Fun-Wise: See live music, fawn over non-live music, read carnivorously, play with makeup, watch TV shows about murderers, and draw tiny caricatures of people and animals.  
My Motto: “Every day is a new opportunity to turn it all around.”
My Anti-Motto: “When you wear makeup, you make up who you are.” 
The First Movie Star I Ever Had a Crush On: Angelina Jolie (sorry, but not sorry)
My “Celebs to Make Out With” List: I got over my Ryan Gosling thing last year, but if I saw him in person, it’s not like I wouldn’t try to make out with him. Garrett Hedlund (even though his movies suck). Elizabeth Olsen. JLaw. 
My Most Played Song On My iTunes: “Desire Lines” by Deerhunter
Last Book I Read Without Skimming Any Parts: The Informers by Bret Easton Ellis
My Most Worn Item of Clothing: A black pleather circle-skirt in the winter. An oversized Misfits Fan Club t-shirt turned halter-top in the summer. Those articles of clothing, simultaneously, in the fall and spring. 
Beauty Products I Hoard: Make Up Forever’s Aqua Liner. Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara. NARS blush. Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment by Fresh. 
I Smell Like: Hempz Pomegranate Herbal Moisturizer, Miss Dior Perfume, coffee breath
I Have Fake an Orgasm (Yes/No): Yes—when I was like, 14

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