Brooke Benoit

Brooke Benoit is an art school dropout and pseudo-intellectual living in a mud (think adobe) house in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Sometimes she makes super pretty jewellery and terribly meaningful assemblages, but mostly she just radically unschools (we must differentiate ourselves from the wanna-be unschoolers) her six kids while editing an international magazine for fabulous Muslim women. Each night as she dozes off to sleep, Brooke partakes in vivid empty-nesting fantasies and she should probably get some of that material down for the one-hit wonder of a novel she feels compelled to write, but since she can’t even get up before the kids to do her morning pages like a respectable writer, she’ll have to stick to smaller hits of 1500 words or less for now.
Sometimes Brooke blogs about the blessing/hellishness dichotomy of having a clichéd life.