When it’s been emotionally or financially taxing, I’ve still felt nothing but extraordinarily fortunate to share my home with such wonderful friends.
Or, how to attempt to deal with a wack gynecologist and love your totally normal vagina no matter what the mean doctor lady says.
Like so many other things that are quickly becoming outdated, obituaries are a useful form of communication that is lacking a user base.
being inappropriate
It was the only time I've ever been fired, and I think it might have been worth it.
90s nostalgia
You don’t need glow-in-the-dark glitter beads to believe in principles like peace, love, unity, and respect. But it’s more fun that way!
animal rights
Walking a cat is surprisingly easy. One simple rule: Bring treats.
being alone
We always ask celebs: What is the weirdest thing you do when you’re alone? But what about the rest of us?
I’m not going to shill for "The Secret" or tell you depression isn’t real. But maybe there’s something to this whole think happy thing.
Or, how I met a bunch of people in my building and learned to foster community among urban renters.