Brandy Engler

Dr. Brandy Engler is author of the book The Men on My Couch: True Stories of Sex, Love and Psychotherapy. A memoir of a neophyte therapist wanting to specialize in female sexuality, hanging her shingle in Times Square –then only men calling.  Or, everything I didn’t want to know about men but damn glad I learned.  The first chapter is a confrontation with a guy we all love to hate, the womanizer. I so wanted to be the seasoned, perspicacious therapist, but it was more like Pollyanna meets Don Juan and both realize they don’t know a thing about love. The rest of the book is a meditation on love, what the hell it is and isn’t, some psychoanalyzing of the male erotic mind, my own crazy affairs and most of all, what it means to have the capacity to love. 
Now I bring the bad news on how to love good to all of you.
Dr. Engler has been featured in The London Times, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Men’s Health, The Irish Enquirer, The Good Men Project, The New York Post, The Huffington Post, Playboy radio and has even been interviewed by Jane Pratt.
Dr. Brandy Engler is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in relationships and sexuality. After years of training in practice in New York City—including working with a crisis team on the streets of Brooklyn and her own practice in Times Square, she headed west in search of greener pastures. Los Angeles isn’t quite green, it’s a bit dustier than imagined, but Dr. Engler traded in her metro card for a car and is enjoying road trips across California where she’s discovered many pastures, lakes and mountains.
She has a private practice in Los Angeles and is working on her second book.