For starters, I suck at bio and resume writing. I can do if for other people, but when it comes to doing it for myself it’s kind of like Bruce Mau said, “designers are the worst at designing their own logos.” I’m not at all being ironic when I say: “Ok, enough about me, what do you think about me?” I gave birth to 2 awesome daughters not so long ago which means I’ve perfected the art of saying “I’m your Mother, don’t you take that tone with me!” My huzza is way younger than me. You care. It’s not a big deal, but people tend to think I’m way younger than I look which means that I can pass for immature—and often do—quite easily. Um. I’m Canadian minus the plaid fetish. I have a Scorpio tattoo on my left wrist cuz that’s how we do. High-5! Lastly, I like to write and have since I was a girl building snow forts on the Winnipeg Prairies. Go Jets!