Annie, this week's makeunder star, has no problem admitting that her longtime go-to look is very "pageant queen glam." How will she react to her new fresh-faced image? PHOTOS BY LAUREN PERLSTEIN
the bumbys
It's so much cuter than the boring ponytail I usually wear.
beauty genes
At the risk of sounding like the sappy, cheese ball that I am, I strongly believe that some of the best gifts we get from our mothers are the ones we see in the mirror every day.
Despite what her “Don’t eff with me,” edgy exterior would have you believe, Soukéna, this week’s makeunder star, does have a warm and fuzzy side. PHOTOS BY LAUREN PERLSTEIN
met ball
kate moss
I spotted a few things that look like they could be straight outta her closet (and I want to put them right into mine!).
beauty shopping
If I didn't already have a gazillion beauty products at home, I could see myself being a regular at this place.
We couldn’t get her to ditch her signature cotton-candy dyed hair, but come see all the natural beauty we uncovered when we dialed everything else way back.