Assita Camara

Assita Camara is a writer and self-taught digital marketer whose work has been featured on Clutch Magazine, The Washington Times and She frequently writes about black culture, art and identity. When she's not doing the “I woke up like dis” dance  she's likely indulging her inner fangirl by watching too many "Legend of Korra" re-runs. She is based in North Carolina.
Age: 26
Twitter: @assitawrites
Job Title: Writer 
Job Description: Writing and making media for the “beautiful, invisible, invincible ones.” 
Hobbies: Trying to write short stories, memorizing Sir Ian Mckellan’s lines from The Lord of The Rings (don’t judge me), scouring Pinterest and Tumblr for pictures of amazing food I want to make, getting distracted and failing to make said food, reading way too many snarky think pieces on the internet and doing the “I woke up like dis” dance at random and inappropriate times 
The First Celebrity I Ever Had A Crush On:  Jonathan Taylor Thomas (I mean who didn’t love JTT circa 1994 right?)
My Favorite Anais Nin Quote: “I must be a mermaid... I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” 
The Most Played Song on my Spotify: “Feather” by Little Dragon  
My Motto: “Electric ladies will you sleep? Or will you preach?” – Janelle Monae