I have written about the men’s movement, Ted Nugent, Sweet Valley High, the Aryan Nations, Jenna Jameson, teen parenting and once Jon Voigt came to my apartment to screen his new film while we waited for my cable guy. I was an editor for the Salon Life section back when it was called “Mothers Who Think” and was a regular contributor to their lady blog, Broadsheet, back when it was still alive. I have also written for Mother Jones, the Believer, Paper, Glamour, the UK Guardian and have reviewed books for Barnes and Noble Book Review, the San Francisco Chronicle Book Review and the New York Times Book Review. My first two editing jobs were at SOMA magazine (still alive!) and the San Francisco phone book (probably killed by the Internet). I was once a teenage mother in Boise, Idaho, then a college student mother at Wesleyan; now I live in Brooklyn with my boyfriend, two cats, and a small dog that resembles a rat my daughter, now 21, left with us when she went off to college.

Age: You know that song by the Hold Steady about wanting to be 33 forever? I know its all about the “Jesus year” and all, but strangely, I’ve always wanted to be 36 forever. I mean who would suspect you of lying about being 36? And it’s a lovely age. But truthfully: I am 37. And things are still pretty good.

Twitter: @amybenfer. But I usually don’t do the 140 character-thing.

What I do, job-wise: Make things I don’t know how to make and write about the brilliance/mayhem/anti-climax that ensues. Call up people whose work I like and ask them to talk/have lunch/drinks with me and tell me things about the work they do. Tell other people what I think about the world and why they should think like I do.

What I do, fun-wise: See above. Also, I like to dance around the living room to records, toss the cat, and make up songs about my friends, family and pets.

My motto: I don’t think I’m organized enough to have one.

My Anti-Motto: See above. My First Movie Star I Ever Had a Crush on: C. Thomas Howell in “The Outsiders.” Oh, the Tiger Beat centerfolds still in my parents’ basement.

My Celebs to Make Out With List: I like my boyfriend.

Most Played Song on My iTunes: “Big Country,” by Big Country; “Words” by Missing Persons: “Heavenly Pop Hit” by the Chills; “Ceremony” by New Order. But they are all on vinyl.

Last Book I Read Without Skimming: What kind of person skims books? Let’s just say this: As a child, my daughter used to have dreams that she was buried alive in my book pile. We once had a “book wall” that ran the entire length of our living room. Then we built the bookshelves. Twelve of them.

My Most Worn Item of Clothing: I am partial to this skirt suit we nicknamed the Betty Draper dress. It is aqua. It is from the 60s. It is made of little nubby raw silk and has a sheath dress and a jacket with little round buttons and a skirt. My dad found me a matching handbag in an antique store. I wear it to just about every wedding and formal event I can get away with. The rest of the time, I just wear jeans and Chucks. I smell like: I usually work from home. Have I showered yet?

Beauty Products that I Hoard: I only wear red lipstick.

I Have Faked an Orgasm (Yes/No): Why would I do that?